Monday, 1 September 2014

Big Changes are Coming!

Sister Barrett is already nearing the end of her first transfer!! If you want to write to her this week, you can send letters to her flat until Wednesday, and then send them to the mission home. Here is her weekly email.

"Lots of changes are happening for us in the Norwich Ward as transfer week is approaching! We found out that we're getting Elders in the ward which is a big change! At the moment it's just me and Sister Blair, and The Bernards, our missionary couple. So the ward is really excited for this big change. Also, because we're getting Elders...we're moving apartments! They're going to take our apartment and we're moving to a town house! Super fancy! It's just down the road from our apartment now so we're not moving far. Our new house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and it has a stairs! 2 FLOORS! We are blessed! They REALLY take care of the Sisters! We always get the nicer apartments.

Oh, and yes, I did say transfer week is approaching, transfer texts are this Friday, moves are next Wednesday. I'm REALLY hoping I don't get transferred! But we shall see.

So more cool news, a girl in our ward got her mission call this week and she's going to the Paris, France mission! She's super excited! And we're SO excited for her! She comes out with us ALL the time so she'll be well prepared. And she'll be closer to my home than I am! CRAZY!

Anyway, success story of the week, Ryan is getting baptised on Saturday!!! We're so excited, and so is he! And he's working on some family names to bring to the temple too! He's doing really well and we're just SO excited for him!

Anyways I love you all!!

Have an amazing week!"

Sister Barrett also sent these photos of her and Sister Blair celebrating Feline Friday, where they take pictures with cats every Friday ........ at least we know Sister Barrett is still as crazy as ever!

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