Monday, 25 August 2014

There is Opposition in All Things

"Hey everyone!

I know that title makes it seem like I had an absolutely terrible week but that's not true at all! It was hard..but it's not supposed to be easy. Sister Blair shared a talk with me by Jeffrey R. Holland and he said that life was NEVER easy for the Saviour and it's not going to be easy for us. But we will never have to go through what he went through or suffer the pain that he had to suffer. That hit me HARD! 

So this week has been CRAZY! I wasn't going to tell you all this because it's an embarrassment, but I'll tell you anyway! So, sometimes we go to the church to work on various things. For example, this Saturday we went to the church to work on digitizing our finding pool. We started work, thought perhaps we should prepare some food, went to the kitchen and put some rice on to cook, went back into the family history center to continue work, and then proceeded to get lost in translation. About 15-20 minutes later, I turned at Sister Blair and was like "Sister! Our food!" We RAN out the door. I kid you not, immediately thereafter all hell broke loose.
The fire alarm went off SO LOUD! Blaring lights flashed throughout the building. We sprinted to the kitchen in time to see smoke pouring from our pathetic little pot of rice, making its way into the alarm system. We RAN to the stove and turned everything off! Sister Blair threw the rice in water, Meanwhile, I pried the window open, hoping to let out some air. Sister Blair called 911, hoping that we hadn't alerted the fire squad.

We had.

They showed up 2 minutes later. A guy in a jeep shows up and we went out to meet him to tell him that everything is fine..and then we realised that we left our keys locked in the church. Fortunately, a window was open, so we just crawled through that. He and his crew worked on turning the alarm off while we busied ourselves by opening windows throughout the church, hoping to get rid of the smoke. We breathed sighs of relief that it was only this small jeep which had come to the scene. Then we came to the main windows just in time to see the entire fire department parked in front of the chapel. 
Then the Bishop showed up. Fortunately, by that time, the fire troop had left. They were thankfully quite nice to us. Bishop had already been contacted by the alarm people. It was SO embarrassing!

So life goes on. Just another day as a missionary. Needless to say, we will never eat in a church again!

Okay another story...I had a dream this week and I HAVE to tell people about it! "Sister Blair and I were driving. Up ahead, there were tons of tornadoes. The sky was getting really grey; the tornadoes started off small and would then get bigger and bigger. Some of the smaller ones would come towards us and our car would spin. In the dream, I was FREAKING OUT. I looked at Sister Blair and she was totally calm. She was like "It's fine! This happens all the time". She just kept driving casually, the car kept spinning but she just kept driving. The sky started getting darker and flashing red--almost like red lightning. I was like "what is that????" and then Sister Blair said, "It's okay, look what happens next!" The red flashes in the sky turned to patches of blue and the sky turned completely blue and calm, all of the tornadoes were gone." 

When I told Sister Blair about that she was like "Sister Barrett..I think that might be really symbolic! She said that there might be storms up ahead for me. There could be a lot of opposition coming our way. And our world could completely turn but we just need to stay calm and just keep going and eventually the storm will pass and there'll be blue skies again! I was like "WOAH! I think you're right."

Anyways I wish I had more time but I have to run!

Love you all SO MUCH!"

Sister Barrett also sent this photo of her trip to the temple with Sister Blair!

Also, for anyone who remembers Sister Jenna Lewis who served in the Terenure Ward for a few months last year, Sister Barrett shared this cool story with me:

"So when we were in Boston on Wednesday I had the privelidge of meeting a sister in the mission, Sister Bailey. We got chatting and she was telling me that she served in Scituate which is one of the places my dad served so I thought that was really cool. But THEN she decided to tell me something! She was like "So one of my best friends got called to the France, Lyon mission but then she got transferred to the Scotland/Ireland mission" and I didn't even let her finish the sentence I was just like "SISTER LEWIS!!" And she nearly started crying! She was like "you know her?!" and I was like "yeah! she served in my ward!! She is the nicest person in the whole world and one of the best sister missionaries we've ever had!!" and she was like seriously nearly in tears! She was like "she's my best friend in the whole world"! It was SO SO SO cool!!"

Here is the picture of Sister Barrett and Sister Bailey.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people emailing Sister Barrett and writing her letters, she loves hearing from everyone and really appreciates it! Stamps to America are only €1, and if you want to write a letter just message either me or her mom for her flat address.

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