Monday, 22 September 2014

Love for Norwich

"Hey Everyone!

So this week was really great! We played disc golf for P-day last week and I was SO bad at it! What's new?...I'm bad at yet another sport! But it was really fun! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures there :( 

We've been talking about the book "Power of Everyday Missionaries" a lot lately and it is seriously the best! Every member needs this book! I know all of you would love it. President Packard went through a lot to get that book approved for us to read. Other missions are not allowed to read it but we got permission from the First Presidency so it's all good! 

I got the opportunity to use my Spanish skills this week! We were on our way to an appointment and we started talking to this woman on the street but she literally speaks NO English so I said that we're missionaries from "La Iglesia de Jesu Christo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias"..and then we gave her our card with our number on it. Unfortunately in that moment, that was literally the only Spanish I could remember. I'm definitely not good enough to teach this woman, but that's why we have Spanish missionaries serving nearby. It was a cool experience! She didn't call us, but it was still a good experience. :)

So we had a really fun Ward activity this week and SO many people brought non member friends and family :) Everyone had an amazing time. It was a Fall Festival. Everyone is REALLY into the Autumn season here!! It was a very successful activity! There was over 110 people there :) 
The 4 companioneros! Elder Sutherland, Sister Blair, Sister Barrett (obviously) and behind me is Elder Ching.

We took that photo about 3 minutes ago so that is what I look like RIGHT NOW! Also..sorry it's blurry.

Myself and Sister Blair on Feline Friday ... that cat clearly didn't like us.

The work is continually progressing here in Norwich and I am loving every minute of it. This place is amazing!

I love you all! Hope you have a great week :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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