Monday, 29 September 2014

A Fab Week!

Hey everyone!

It's been a crazy week but it's been amazing!

So yesterday we got the Elders to drop us off NEAR where our dinner appointment was, so we could walk down the street. Well we had an interesting experience! We came across a house with a horse in the garden and we wanted to pet it so we knocked on the door, but there was no answer so we just went to pet the horse anyway. But then an elderly woman came out of the house and was like "who's that?" and we were like "Oh sorry we just LOVE your horse and we wanted to pet him!" and she was like "oh yeah he's Irish!" I was like "Ummm...what?!" The horse's name was Irish! So I told her tat I'm Irish too! We told her we're missionaries, but she was not interested AT ALL. But she was really nice and she let us feed 'Irish'! So this is me and Irish!

Also, a few days ago we were in the apartment and it was about 9:15pm. The doorbell rang and myself and Sister Blair were SO confused! Like who would come to our apartment at that time? So anyways I went down to answer the door, and there was nobody there, so I looked down and there was this basket on the doorstep! It had loads of sweets and chocolates and it had rocks with prayers written on them! The Elders made it and dropped it off for us! It made us so happy!!

The General Women's broadcast was incredible. And I'm getting REEEAAALLY excited for General Conference! One thing I loved about the Women's broadcast was something that President Uchtorf said. He talked about obedience to God's commandments and said that sometimes we tend to ask "do we really need to obey ALL of His commandments?", and then he said that Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us, and when we choose not to obey His commandments, it's like we are putting up an umbrella, and blocking the blessings. I LOVE analogies! 

Another amazing thing about that broadcast is that our investigator, Roxanne came to watch it and she LOVED it!! I don't know if I mentioned this before, but she's currently praying about a baptism date. She's been investigating for over a year and she's SO ready! She's an amazing woman and we love her so much! 

So General Conference is this weekend and all of us missionaries are SOOOOOOOOO excited!!! So many people have told me that General Conference is THE BEST when you're on a mission! One of the Sisters said that it's just SO good because as a missionary, you're constantly giving giving giving, teaching teaching teaching, so General Conference is the one time you just get to sit and listen and take things in and be taught. I can't wait to hear the Prophet speak! And also..Jeffrey R. Holland! I hope he speaks! He came to this mission about 2 months before I got here and it kills me anytime anyone talks about it. Even our investigator, Roxanne met him!!

Anyway, hope y'all have a great week! And enjoy General Conference!!!

Love you all!
Sister Barrett

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