Monday, 8 September 2014

Staying in Norwich!

"Yep! That is correct! I'll be here in Norwich for another 6 weeks at least! And Sister Blair is staying with me!!!! We are SO delighted to be staying here and getting to be companions for another transfer!! This is her second last transfer though so we'll have to say goodbye soon :( NOT GOOD!
Also, we found out what Elders will be coming here! We're getting a greenie Elder straight from the MTC so I won't be the baby anymore! We don't know who he is yet though..we just know there'll be a greenie here, and then Elder Sutherland will be coming here..who I have also never met. But Sister Blair said we'll all be best friends in no time!...Or we could all hate each could go either way! Nahh I'm just kidding! Haha

So another awesome thing about this week..Ryan got baptised!!! Saturday was the big day!! He was SO delighted!! And he's going to the temple to do baptisms with his wife, Angela this Saturday! They are both so excited! 

I have no crazy stories this week! And we didn't burn any rice! So that's very good news!

We went to a cool place for P-day last week though! All of our zone went. We went to this really beautiful place and we hiked through the woods up a mountain! It was torture in the humid weather..and there were SO MANY BUGS! But it was still beautiful! And we had a barbecue so that was really fun!!!

I love you all :) Thank you for all being amazing!!"

Sister Barrett will be moving apartments this week, and she will send us her new address next Monday. In the meantime, if you are just DYINGG to send her a letter, you can send it to her flat address as the Elders in her ward will be moving in there so she'll still get it, or you can send it to her mission home address.

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