Monday, 6 October 2014

ALL the Conferences!

So did you all LOVE General Conference as much as I did?! My personal favourites were...nope I loved too many of them. Okay so myself and Sister Blair LOVED David A. Bednar's talk because he directed it to people who are not members of the church and it was a fantastic talk. I also loved the talk by the guy with the very German sounding name that I can't remember (not Dieter F. Uchtorf) who talked about spiritual confidence and talked about his counsel that he gave to a Sister Missionary..I LOVED that talk! 
So my first General conference on a mission was amazing. I'm really looking forward to April now!

So this Thursday I'll be going to my first Zone Conference of my mission! I'm really excited about it. We're going to be watching a movie that's out in the cinemas here called "Meet the Mormons". I don't know if they're showing it in Ireland or the UK. It's basically like a longer version of the "I'm a Mormon" videos, it follows the lives of 6 different people. We're all really excited to see it. We've been told to invite all of our investigators to watch it in the cinema. So it MUST be good!

So we had a traumatizing (but kinda funny-ish experience last Monday! We were in the car with the Elders, and Elder Sutherland was driving and everything was calm.I had to get something from my bag so I reached down to get it and then all I hear is everyone scream and Elder Sutherland jammed on the breaks and I heard a big bang! I looked up and everyone was in shock but I didn't have a clue what just happened. So I asked what happened and everyone was silent but then Elder Sutherland just said "I hit a deer". Apparently the deer just walked away, and when we checked the car there was no damage so we were definitely blessed!

The work is hastening on in Norwich! This is a blessed land and the people here are amazing. This ward is so excited about missionary work. The members are so fantastic. They're like family :) This is myself and Sister Blair with an AMAZING family, the Mecham's. They're moving out of the ward and we're SO sad to see them leave :(

I love you all :) Have a fantastic week!

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