Monday, 1 December 2014

Goodbye Norwich, Hello Greenfield!

"Hey everyone!

Yes.....I'm leaving Norwich. It has been an INCREDIBLE 4 months here. This place is amazing, and I just LOVE the people here. They are really special to me and I'll never forget them, but I have a work to do in Greenfield and I'm really excited! Greenfield is a little branch in West Massachusetts, and it was my Dad's first area on his mission! I'm really excited to serve there. I know that the Lord needs me there, and I'm ready to do the work. My new companion has only been out for 6 weeks so this is a completely new experience. Her name is Sister Haws and she's from Utah!! :)

My last Sunday in Norwich was an emotional one! I wept like a child! I got to bear my testimony and I was just crying and trying to get words out. So emotional. But what a day it was! 

So as you all know, we had a goal within the mission to baptize 70 people in the month of November. Well, we got the news that as of last night, the Massachusetts Boston Mission baptized 100 people in the month of November! What a miracle! We far exceeded our goal and it has just been such an amazing month.

Speaking of baptisms...Roxanne's baptism was incredible! In the days leading up to her baptism she was SO excited and we got texts from her everyday telling us how excited she was! Her husband came, one of her sons came, her parents came AND one of her sisters came! After her baptism I gave her a hug and she said "I've never felt this way before". She is just so incredible!

I love Roxanne so much! Telling her that I was leaving was so hard! But I'll be back to visit her for sure! 

It was also SO great to see my Mama, Sister Blair! :) I was a happy child!!

Oh also, Thanksgiving was fabulous! We ate food! It was so good!

I love you all :) I hope you're all doing well!

Sister Barrett"

This coming Saturday, December 6th is the final posting date for packages to the US for anyone wishing to send something to Sister Barrett, final date for letters is December 11th.

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