Monday, 8 December 2014

A New Beginning

Hey Everyone!!!

This week has been craaaazyy!!

On Wednesday we had to say goodbye to Sister Blair and Elder Sutherland, which was really sad. I cried...a lot. They're home now so that's insane! I also said goodbye to Sister Morgan and Elder Ching as they went on their way back to Norwich, and I came here to Greenfield. It's really hard saying goodbye to people that I've served with. They have seriously all become my best friends, and we have so many amazing memories together, even in the short space of time that we have known each other. But thankfully, I can still talk to Sister Morgan on the phone..which we do..a lot!

Sister Barrett's last district in Norwich

So Greenfield has been good so far. It's waaaaayy different to Norwich though. It's a tiny branch in the middle of nowhere with about 50 people at church every week. Norwich was a big ward in the middle of nowhere with about 150 people at church every it's certainly different! But I'm so ready to do the work here. I know I'm meant to be here for a reason so I'm excited to work with the people here and build up this branch!
Sister Haws is awesome! She's the sweetest person ever, and we get along SO well!

Sister Barrett and Sister Haws
So another thing that's different about here is that I'm a digital missionary now! So that means that I'll be doing missionary work online for a few hours a day. We teach people online through Skype and Facebook, and we teach people from ALL over the world! I was talking to someone from Brazil yesterday...yes..Brazil. He seems super interested in learning more about the gospel, so we're going to be Skyping him on Wednesday to teach him more. Being a digital missionary is so different and it's weird to get used to but I'm really starting to like it! Also, just warning you..if you see that I'm online on Facebook, don't be alarmed. I'm not being apostate...I'm doing missionary work. I'll be on there to talk to people about learning more about the gospel. I can talk to anyone as long as I'm teaching them about the my parents, and any friends of mine that are members of the church are out...sorry. That might change when everyone in the mission gets Facebook and iPads, but for now, that's the rules :)

So something SUPER exciting about being in Massachusetts is that there's waaaaayyy more snow here! This place is covered in snow. There was a huge snowstorm here just before I came so it's beautiful! But it hasn't snowed's just all still there from last week!

Oh and last, but DEFINITELY not least. I got a text from Sister Morgan yesterday telling me that Roxanne and Peggy are both going to the temple on Saturday!! I am so excited for them! I'm hoping I'll be able to go so I can be there with them :) If I do'll be the best day of my mission so far for sure!!!!

I love you all :) I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

P.S. Watch this awesome video!

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