Monday, 24 November 2014

"Let Your Soul Delight in Fatness"

Hey everyone!

I thought that title would be appropriate because Thanksgiving is this week! My first Thanksgiving! Sister Morgan is super excited to be spending my first Thanksgiving with me. I thought that one dinner would be nice, but Sister Morgan insisted on 3. So we have 3 Thanksgiving dinners. I'll definitely be pacing myself...otherwise I'll be waddling out of appointments. But I'm really excited to be celebrating this joyous American holiday! Haha

So, this week was INCREDIBLE!! Saturday was Peggy's baptism and it was SO great!! Elder Ching baptised her, and all her sons (there's 4 of them) came to the baptism! Roxanne was also at the baptism, so she got to see what this Saturday will be like. After the baptism, Peggy's sons all asked "So, when can we be baptised?" This is a huge miracle! We're going to start teaching them asap! Everything about her baptism was just incredible. Myself and Elder Sutherland did a musical number. I was super nervous, but it was good, and we get to do it all over again at Roxanne's baptism, with the addition of Sister Blair :) I cannot wait!

Peggy's baptism!
This week we get Transfer texts and I REEEAAALLLLY don't wait to leave Norwich! But, wherever the Lord needs me I'll go. Hopefully he still needs me here in Norwich! :)

The mission continues to experience many miracles, and we are at 63 baptisms so far this month. The previous record was 59 baptisms in a month so we have beat the previous record and the month isn't even over! We are SO excited!!

Sorry this is super short, but I love you all! :)"

Thank you ALL as always for all the emails, letters and packages and love and support! Sister Barrett really appreciates all the wonderufl things you all do for her and so do her family! Just to remind you that if you want to send something to Sister Barrett for Christmas, the final posting date for letters is December 11th, and for packages (standard packets and parcels) is December 6th. You can send letters to her flat, the address of which you can get from Maria, or myself (Aisling) or you can send them to the mission home; the address is on the side of the page! :)

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