Monday, 29 December 2014


Hey everyone!

We had such an amazing week!

On Monday we had a Zone FHE with an awesome family from the Springfield Ward. Well, it wasn't just our zone, it was the Hartford Zone and New Haven Zone too! So there was like..60 missionaries there! President and Sister Packard came too will all the family. It was really nice. We all sang Christmas hymns together, and the Packards shared some spiritual thoughts, which was amazing.

I went on exchanges to North Brookfield this week, and LOVED it! I was with ma guurl Sister Lewis!

Christmas was amazing! The family that we spent Christmas with, The Caputo's, are so awesome! They invited our investigator, Keith over for Christmas dinner, and they invited 2 recent converts over too! It was great getting to spend Christmas with all of those amazing people.

Awesome story of the week: We got a text on Friday from the Worcester sisters telling us that a recent convert, who is 10 years old, just moved into our area. None of her family are members. She was living with a family in Worcester who were members, but now she's back living here with her own family. We went to visit, and there were so many people living in that tiny house! She was really happy to see us though! Her Grandma, Denise, listened in while we were talking to her, and we asked her if she'd like to learn about what her granddaughter has been taught. She said she really wants to! Then she offered to take her to church on Sunday! Long story short...they came to church, she loved it,and we're going to start teaching her on Thursday!

We got to go to the temple with one of the recent converts here on Saturday! There were SO many people there! The mission goal is to get 100 people to the temple by the end of December. I think we're at 97 so there's 2 more days left! While we were walking out of the temple I got the best surprise EVER! I got to see Peggy going into the temple. She was with her sister, and the Norwich Sisters :) My day was made!!!

Being hot with Sister Haws!!

Looking cute with Sister Haws

It was such an amazing week! I hope all of you have a wonderful week!
I love you all!

Love, Sister Barrett

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