Monday, 23 February 2015

Team BAWS Still Going Strong!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was good, even though a lot of people decided to cancel on us :( That was sad..but hey the work is still going strong!
Oh...and then church was cancelled yesterday. That was sad.

Buuuut...we found out that myself and Sister Haws will both be staying in Greenfield together for another transfer!! This will be our third transfer together. We decided to come up with a team name.. Team Baws (Barrett + Haws = BAWS) Hahaha 

We did have a really good lesson with Jose this week. He just had surgery so he was in a lot of pain. But he told us he prayed, and he knows he needs to come to church. We were SO happy to hear that he got an answer to his prayers. But as you know we didn't have church. We are SO hoping that the weather will get better so that he'll be able to FINALLY come to church! He also told us he has started drinking Herbal Tea instead of coffee. He was like "I replaced coffee with tea', and I was thinking "Oh no..he doesn't understand', so then I asked him what kind f tea he's drinking and he was like "Peach". Hahaha he understands! He has made so many changes in his life. It's incredible to see!
We had a lesson with Steven that same day, and we started off by reviewing what we talked about last week, which was the restoration.. Just as the member we brought with us started to bear her testimony on the power of the Priesthood he says "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I can't do this right now...I'm going through a lot right now and I'm not in the mood to talk about the Lord so can you guys just leave? I'll call you when I'm ready.." So we're like okay.. and just as we're leaving he's like "Goodbye Sister Barrett" one else.. So yeah that was pretty uncomfortable. That whole experience was so awkward, but we laughed about it afterwards. He'll call when he's ready..but myself and Sister Haws probably won't be here anymore..
We had dinner with a family in Vermont this week. They're a part member family (The Young's). We LOVE them! It was awesome, and they make the BEST food! Also we challenged them both to do different acts of service within the church. So Allison, the Mom, who's not a member, we challenged her to sing with me in church! We're going to talk to the Branch President about it this week and set up a week that we can do it! And Brother Young is going to give out a Book of Mormon to someone. They are both really excited, and we are hoping this will help them get to church :) 

This week for p-day Sister Hung taught us how to make sushi! It was DELICIOUS!

My sushi!
On Saturday we helped to do some service with a few of the members in the Branch. It was really fun. We got some good laughs out of it. The members we were with are both recent converts, Brian and Holly. So it was cool to see them both having such a good time serving. I always feel so amazing when I'm serving others :)

Our Branch President is finally back from China. It's good to have him back. I don't know if I ever even mentioned that he was in China for over a month...but he was! We all had a nice talk last night about having some more activities that we can bring our Investigators and other people to. This transfer is gonna be a good one! We're excited to see the work progress!!

Weather update! It didn't really snow that much this week, it's just piled up over the weeks. It's nearly up to my hips now!

I hope you all have an amazing week!
I love you all :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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