Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Snow Can't Stop The Greenfield Sistahs!!

Hey everyone!

I just want you all to know how much I love you! Myself and Sister Haws walked for 30 minutes in a BLIZZARD so we could email our friends and family today! We're not allowed to drive in the crazy snowstorms! So here I am :) These pictures will give you an idea of the weather ...

This is a lake! It's completely frozen over, and it's been snowed on like a bajillion times! If we stood on it ... that would be totally fine. We saw people skating on it one day! It was really cool

HUGE Icicles!!

But this week was AMAZING!! Like seriously INCREDIBLE!!

First of all, last Monday we went out to shovel some snow around our neighbourhood, because you know...we're all about that life. We saw a woman across the street shoveling snow by herself, so we went over to her and asked her if she wanted some help. She agreed to let us help her, and then we got talking. We told her we're missionaries for the church, and she was like "Ohh wow! That's nice! So do you want to convert me??" We were like "Well....." Haha so we talked to her a little bit more about the church, and she thought it was really interesting, and she even said "I feel like I have strong beliefs..but I don't know now. Maybe you were sent here to me for a reason." We were like "WOAH!!!" So we got her contact details and she said she'd love to meet with us, and when she told us her name she introduced herself to us as "Sister Lambert". So basically she's ready to be baptised right now! Haha no..but she is a new investigator so that's awesome!!

Then on Tuesday another really cool thing happened. We went to visit a recent convert Hailey who is the only member in her family...and she's 11 years old. We prepared to teach her one of the new member lessons, so we started teaching "The Restoration", and her Grandpa was in the room. He participated in the lesson, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. He said he really wants to read it, and we set up an appointment to see him again this week! He is ANOTHER new investigator!!

Later on that day we went to an AWESOME family's house for dinner! The Caputo's are legit one of the coolest family's I have ever met! They're the family that had us over for Christmas. Well anyway, dinner was wonderful. But when we were leaving, I was putting my boots back on and the zip BROKE! It was really unfortunate..
Then on Wednesday I just went throughout the day with a broken boot and it was really annoying so I was like "Well...I'm gonna have to get some new boots tomorrow." And I was just planning on getting some cheapy ones in Walmart or something. Later on that day we got a bunch of texts and calls from the Caputo's. They were all trying to contact us, and find out where we were at so they could meet up with us. We were like "We're a half hour from your house right now :/" But they were like "Okay we're on our way there now! We NEED to see you today!" So we were kinda freaked out..we were like "What is happening??? Why do they need to see us today?? Are they going to prank us?? Are they bringing us food?? WHAT IS HAPPENING??" So then we met up with them at the church, and they ALL got out of the car and just stood in front of us. Then they were like "We have something for you." And we were like "You do??" So then Charity (their daughter who's like 15)  takes this box from behind her back, and she's like "We got you some boots because yours broke yesterday." It was SO sweet! They bought me these ADORABLE boots, and they were the right size and everything....plus they got Sister Haws some socks so she didn't feel left out :P haha

Oh also! On Wednesday we saw Jose and he's doing really well! He's going to replace drinking coffee with herbal tea! He's so awesome! He was supposed to come to church yesterday too...but church was cancelled..yeah. The weather is THAT insane.

There was some Winter festival going on in Greenfield this weekend so there was random ice sculptures around town. This one is of Anna from "Frozen"!!


On Friday we had an amazing Zone meeting that got us SUPER pumped, and our whole Zone is just sprinting and working harder than ever before! We also threw a surprise birthday party for one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Hung..she's from Hong Kong! But yeah it was fun! Our zone is amazing!

Saturday was INCREDIBLE!! We taught half a lesson to one of our new investigators, Steven. Then we extended a baptismal date...and HE ACCEPTED! He's getting baptised on March 15th! We're so excited! He said a beautiful prayer at the end of the lesson. He said in his prayer "Thank you for this opportunity I have to be baptised. I've been waiting a long time for this." It was amazing!

Then on Saturday evening, we had dinner in a members home. His name is Doug! He's so awesome! He invited his friend, Leo over to be taught by us. We brought Anne, one of the less active women we're working with. We had a lovely dinner, and then we taught Leo about the Plan of Salvation. He just took it ALL in and he had some great questions. Doug bore a powerful testimony about The Atonement, and at the end when we invited Leo to pray to know if all the things we taught him were true, Anne bore her testimony on the power of prayer! It was beautiful! I almost cried! The whole lesson was just AMAZING! Myself and Sister Haws could not stop talking about it afterwards!

So yesterday was weird. Church was cancelled because of the snow, but the message clearly didn't get to everyone because some people still turned up for church! Because we had enough priesthood holders, we got the "go ahead" and we were able to still have sacrament meeting with 13 PEOPLE!!! Yes....13!!! So there was a small crowd, but it was actually amazing. It was fast and testimony Sunday because we had Stake Conference last week, and people bore some really amazing testimonies :) It was a blessing to be there among such amazing people :)

I love this blessed land of Greenfield! I love the work! I love the Massachusetts Boston mission! I love being a missionary! It is incredible :)

Aren't we precious?

I love you all!
Stay strong and stay safe
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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