Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Greenfield is Going Green!

Hey everyone!!

This week was fantastic! I hope you all had a great week :)

On Tuesday we had to go to Amherst to get our tyres changed and to get our car inspected, so we spent some time with the Amherst sisters. We'd rather be doing SOMETHING than just sitting around waiting for our car to get fixed. Soooo..we had lunch with them and we took some lovely pictures ...

Then later on we went to a boy scout meeting. I know...it sounds SO weird and random, but it was actually great! One of the less active women in the branch invited us to speak to the boys in her son's scout troop, so we went, and we didn't really know what to expect, but it was actually really successful! We just talked about what we do as missionaries, and all the Moms were there asking us questions, and all the kids were asking questions, and it was awesome! Later on in the week we went to a "spaghetti dinner night" thing for the scouts and all the same people were there..and more, and one of the Mom's introduced us to another Mom that wasn't there on Tuesday. She said "These are the missionaries that spoke to the boys on Tuesday" and the Mom just smiled at us and said "My son was SO impressed! He said he wants to be just like you!". How cute!! So, these families aren't investigating the church just yet, but we're certainly planting the seeds and that's just as important :)

On Thursday we met with Keith, and he's really struggling with the Book of Mormon. He really looks DEEP into things, so we thought if we just read a chapter with him and explain what it all means SIMPLY he'll understand what's happening a bit better. So we read it with him and explained things simply and it went really well. He still doesn't have a testimony of it, but he'll get there. We invited him to give a Book of Mormon to one of his friends, and to bear testimony of SOMETHING he knows is true in there. He loves the Bible, and of course the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other in everything they say, so he'll definitely be able to take on this challenge. He said he'd think about it, so we'll see what happens! :)

Then on Friday we had District meeting in Pittsfield...which is a million miles away..literally! It's a looooong drive! But it's okay because it's a nice drive, with nice scenery..and it was all for a good cause. District meeting was awesome! Aaaand I spotted an IRISH SHOP while we were there so we HAD to go in! It had all the Irish food you could dream of! Tayto crisps, digestive biscuits, baked beans and SO much more! :P It was wonderful :P I bought some Malteasers for Sister Haws to try. She enjoyed them :P Who wouldn't??

On Saturday we went to see Jose. He's making progress! We taught him about Temple work and family history and he was really excited about it!  He said "It's great that everyone is given the chance to accept the gospel." It's SO true! That is a HUGE blessing! But he STILL hasn't been to church. We really feel like that will be the turning point for him. He'll come someday soon. We know it! We have full faith that Heavenly Father will answer his prayers and let him know that this is where he needs to be. We also invited him to pray to know when he needs to be baptised. We felt like it was all a bit rushed before, so we want him to feel comfortable with it and know exactly when he needs to be baptised. So he's praying about a baptismal date now :) He knows he wants to be baptised, but the actual date is the question! So pray for Jose!!! Pray that he'll get his answer :)

So we actually had church on Sunday which was fantastic! It was great to see a full chapel! Keith was there so that was great, and Holly bore her testimony! :) It was really great to see her up there. She wrote it all out on paper, but then when she got up there she didn't even read it. She just said what was on her heart, and it was beautiful :) Holly is doing SO well these days. She has come a long way!

Also, we are obsessed with Shamrock Shakes ...

So as you can see it's been a pretty amazing week!
I love being a missionary! It's literally the best thing ever!

I love you all and hope you all have an amazing week!
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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