Monday, 16 February 2015

"Many are cold ..."

Hey everyone! 

It's been another amazing week here in Greenfield!

We had interviews with President Packard this week and it was really amazing! We did it a little differently this time. We had interviews as a companionship so myself and Sister Haws were talking to him together. He told us that he's thinking of keeping us together for a 3rd transfer because the work is going really well in Greenfield and we get along so well, but he said he has to take it to the Lord first. So we're not getting our hopes up. The Lord might have something different planned for us!
But interviews were great! President Packard gave us some amazing ideas on how to work better with part member families, and how to work better with our branch leaders. It was amazing to get his advice on things. He really is so inspired! :)

So on Wednesday I was on exchanges with Sister Lewis, and that was SO fun as always! She came to Greenfield with me this time. It was the greatest! :P We saw one of our investigators Brendan. He has been investigating the church for a bajillion years!...okay well it's been 3, but still that's a LONG time! We decided to be straight up with him this time and talk about baptism. He told us that other missionaries have talked to him about baptism before, and they've even set dates for him to be baptised, but he wasn't comfortable with that. We went through the baptismal interview questions with him, and he was perfect with most of them! He told us that he wants us to start going over the lessons with him again! So that's a good sign! It's the furthest we've gotten with him so this is great! :D

On exchanges with Sister Lewis ... yep, I still make the most attractive faces ever!

On Wednesday we had a really great lesson with our investigator Keith! One of the Sister Missionaries that served here a while ago texted us on Tuesday night and said that she was praying, and she had a thought about Keith, and she felt like she needed to invite him to be baptised.  We thought that was awesome so we said she could call in during our lesson with him. So we started off our lesson talking about how he has such great faith and how he just needs to act on that, and take a leap of faith. He asked "how do I act on it? How do I take that leap of faith? What leap of faith do I need to take?" And just when we started talking about that, the phone rang and it was Sister Smith! He was really excited to hear from her, and she was SUPER bold with him. which was good. She just told him about her prayer, and she said "Keith, you need to be baptised!" We were like "WOAH!" She was so awesome! She was even like "Do you think Joseph and Hyrum Smith would die for this and lead 15 million people astray?" And he he said "No of course not." And then she said "Do the Caputo's love you? Do the Sisters love you??" and he said "Yes of course" and then she was like "Do you think they'd lie to you?" And he said "No never!" So then she went on to say that all the things we teach him are true, and we would never lead him astray because we know these things are true and we just want him to have this gospel in his life. He appreciated everything she said, but he didn't agree to be baptised any time soon. We did go through all of the baptismal interview questions with him though! We've been having a lot of success doing that this week! It was great that we got to do that with him because we now know what's holding him back so we know what we need to help him with :)

So as I'm sure you've all heard, the weather has been a bit insane here! Boston did get a blizzard, but thankfully it didn't really hit our part of the state. We did get a lot of snow, and it's absolutely FREEEEZING here, but  there was no blizzard! 
On Saturday night we had to be in our apartments by 6pm because of the weather so that was kinda crazy, but hey, it just makes life more exciting when these things happen! :P

A car buried under the snow ... I told you we got a lot!

We even got red dotted on a Sunday! We were allowed to go to church (if we had church) but other than that we had to stay in our apartments. Thankfully, we did have church this week, although 90% of the mission didn't, so it was a huge blessing to be able to attend church and partake of the sacrament.

But we're staying warm and staying safe so there's no need to worry! I'll leave you all with the wise words of President Packard: "Many are cold, but few are frozen."

I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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