Monday, 11 August 2014

"This place is THE BEST!"

This week marks one month of Sister Barrett's service as a full time missionary! Although it's already going fast, she is doing amazing in Connecticut and is having a wonderful time. Here is her email for this week.

"This week was amazing but kinda weird. It wasn't a normal week in the mission field at all. Sister Blair is like a pro cello player so she gets asked to play at every fireside ever, so we had to travel to Pitsfield, Massachusetts this week so she could play at a fireside there. We went there on Friday and stayed in a members house that night and then we went to the fireside on Saturday night. Also on Friday night we went to see The Boston Symphony Orchestra with President Packard and his family and on Saturday morning we saw Yo-Yo Ma, the famous cellist with the Packards again. It was pretty random but really good too. 

Sister Blair is AMAZING! She teaches me so much! I learn a lot from her. She's so amazing at playing the cello..she has already agreed to play at my wedding! It's happening!

We got to teach a couple this week, Ryan and Angela. Ryan is an investigator and Angela is a member, but she hasn't been active for a long time because she moved here from Colorado and didn't know where the church was here. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation and then at the end we asked Ryan if he would commit to being baptised and he said YES! The only problem is that he has severe back problems so we couldn't set a date, so we asked him to pray about a date, and we're doing that too! So that's my success story of the week!

My ward is amazing! I gave a talk yesterday on prayer and people came up to me afterward saying that I really touched their heart and that they took notes so I was really glad that I could do that for people :)

I'm going on exchanges today so I'll be in Westerly, Rhode Island tonight and tomorrow!"

She also sent some pictures from her trip to Rhode Island on p-day last week to visit Taylor Swift's house.

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