Monday, 18 August 2014

Bug Bites and Baptisms

"Hey everyone!!

This has been a busy and amazing week! I went to Westerly, Rhode Island for exchanges and it was completely different to how it is here in Norwich! I learned a lot from it though and that's the whole point of exchanges :) Something terrifying I learned while on exchanges..I keep getting random bug bites and I didn't know how. Well I was informed that they're probably spider bites. Spiders got into the apartment and bit me while I was sleeping! And now does everyone realise why I'm terrified of spiders?? The fear is continually growing :P where to start with the work we did this week. A good place to start would be to tell you that we visited with Ryan and Angela on Thursday and we asked Ryan if he prayed about a baptism date...aaaand...HE'S GETTING BAPTISED ON THE 6TH OF SEPTEMBER! We're SO excited for him! We're working really hard to help him retain that date. Him and Angela came to church yesterday and they loved every minute of it. We're going to help him to work on some family names to bring to the temple because they want to go to the temple together to do baptisms a week after his baptism so we're going to help them to do that. We visited them last night too and they had a friend with them in the lesson and now she's one of our new investigators! We got a referral from our investigator! How cool is that??

So yesterday was quite an interesting day all round. We had Clayton M. Christenson (Author of "Power of Everyday Missionaries") speak to us in Sacrament meeting. He's the first counselor on the mission presidency here. He's amazing! And that book is amazing! Myself and Sister Blair have been reading it in personal study every morning and I get A LOT out of it! If any of you have it or can get your hands on a copy you should DEFINITELY read it!

Another thing about yesterday...we were in class in the second hour of church and the Bishop came in and asked myself and Sister Blair to come out. He told us that one of the kids in the ward was having a baptism in 2 hours and he was JUST notified of it and that we needed to fill the font! We didn't know how to fill the font...but we eventually figured it out.The Bishop was fantastic at getting everything sorted in such a short space of time. He volunteered himself to give a talk..and he also volunteered me to give a talk. I ad 4 minuted to prepare it but thankfully we teach about baptism a lot so I came up with a quick talk and it was graaaand :)

So yeah this week was amazing! I'm really excited for this week too! On Wednesday we get to go to the temple! All the greenies and trainers are going to the Boston Temple on Wednesday so I'm SUPER excited and there'll be pictures to follow :)

I love you all so much!"

Sister Barrett found this in the Family History Centre at the stake centre!

Sister Barrett and Sister Blair
Thank you sooo much to all the people who have been emailing Sister Barrett, she feels so loved!! If anyone wants to send her letters, just message me or her mom to get her flat address, or you can send it to her mission home 😊

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