Monday, 30 November 2015

The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

 This week was amazing as usual! Where do I start??

So on Tuesday we had a mission Webex and it was really cool because President and Sister Miller and the AP's and everyone in the mission office just shared the things that they're grateful for in the spirit of Thanksgiving! It was really sweet :) I love Thanksgiving. I love sharing my gratitude for all we have! I have SO much to be thankful for :) Something that I'm particularly thankful for right now is my mission and all the wonderful miracles I've seen these past 16 months. I've grown and changed so much and come closer to my Savior and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity I have to serve a mission :)

Something else awesome about this week is that we had some awesome lessons with our digital investigator, Michelle! She is just amazing. She loves reading the Book of Mormon with us! She didn't go to church on Sunday and she told us why. She told us that life has been crazy lately because she and her husband are getting ready to Ireland. Yes, all of my Brazilian digital investigators move to Ireland! And get this...she's moving in January! What are the chances?? Myself and Sister Saito KNOW that Heavenly Father led us to her for a reason. She is so ready to receive this gospel. We have a lesson with her tomorrow :) We're SO excited! 

On Thursday we had Thanksgiving and it was amazing! We actually had dinner at a South African family's home so there were no Americans present. It was just a bunch of foreign people celebrating Thanksgiving! It was awesome!

Our penguin knows what's up. #swiggityswag

Me with our penguin!
On Friday I went on exchanges to Worcester (Wustah). It was awesome! It's so ghetto! I love ghetto areas! It was cool to be there, but I missed my child and I was glad to get back to Marlborough and be with Sister Saito again!

Saturday was SUCH an amazing day! We went to the temple with our recent convert Rayana :) She got the work done for her grandfather. It was so special for her and for everyone! The spirit was so strong there and she was SO happy!

Sunday was amazing as usual. We actually found out that the pilot thing that the Boston Stake is doing won't be that different after all! They're not changing the time any more /.. it'll be the same. But we're still working on making the Sabbath more of a delight! It'll be awesome :)

Ask me if we're busy in December ...
Also, I had a really great end to my day yesterday. I called Roxanne from Norwich because yesterday was the year mark of her baptism! It was AMAZING to talk to her. She is the sweetest person! It made me so happy to talk to her again. It's been so long, but she is doing so well and she's still as strong as ever :) 

Things are going so great here and I'm happier than ever! I LOVE being a missionary! I LOVE the gospel, and I love all of you!

I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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