Monday, 23 November 2015

Miracles! Miracles Everywhere!

Hey everyone!!

Gosh, this week has been amazing! So many amazing things happened!

So on Tuesday we went to see one of our investigators, Gilka. Guess where she's from??? Yes that's right..Brazil! Well, when we went there her son, Tarcio was there and he had A TON of questions for us! Great questions! When we bore our testimonies to him about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can change his life he straight up told us that he really wants to make changes in his life. He said he wants to serve others, go to church etc. He has come to the right people! We took that opportunity to teach him and testify to him about Jesus Christ. He loved it and we're meeting with him again! He's our new investigator!

On Wednesday we went to see our recent Convert, Rayana (also from Brazil). We helped her to find a family name to take to the Temple so she can do baptisms. The Recent Convert Temple Trip is this coming Saturday and we REALLY want her to have her own family name to bring. We searched, and searched and searched! Brazilian family history is ROUGH! I thought doing Irish family history was hard. Apparently not. BUT we found a name! I have a testimony of It is AMAZING! Rayana has her own family name to take to the Temple this Saturday and she is SO excited! ALSO, she got her Patriarchal blessing yesterday! She is just on a spiritual high! I love Rayana! Even though we have limited communication because my Portuguese is rough and she struggles with English, I just really feel the spirit when I'm around her, and I'm so excited about her progression in the gospel! :)

Speaking of family history...after doing that family history stuff for Rayana I became more excited about it and I've been doing some of my own! Wow, it's exciting! I absolutely LOVE it! I feel closer and closer to my family who have gone before me as I find out more and more about them. 

This week I also learned how to pray in Portuguese! I can say a very simple prayer. I know I'll get better with time. It's coming along! :)

Sister Saito and I with Emily! She is such a sweetheart!
On Thursday, one of our members, Maria brought us out for dinner! We went to the Cheesecake Factory! Oh my goodness it was heaven! Also, she brought her friend who's not a member! It was awesome! We were able to tell her all about what we do, and she is just the sweetest lady! She kept saying that what we do is incredible! We REALLY want to start teaching her! She's amazing :)

This week we also found a new digital investigator (also from Brazil)! This woman is incredible! Her name is Michelle. We met her on Tuesday and we talked to her about who we are and what our purpose is as missionaries. We also bore our testimonies to her about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. She loved it! She told us that she wants to read the Book of Mormon so we got her address, called the local missionaries and got them to go by and give her a Book of Mormon and start teaching her. Well, they did! They taught her the Restoration. So when we had another Skype lesson with her on Friday we followed up with that, read 2 Nephi 31 with her and then we invited her to be baptized! Well...she said 'not yet.' But that's not "no". We're Skyping her again tomorrow. We invited her to go to her local church on Sunday. She lives right around the corner from the church. Also, she had another lesson with the local missionaries on Saturday so we'll find out how that went! Gosh, all of this happened in a week! I'm telling you, this woman is so prepared!

On Saturday we had a really special experience. So our Zone Leaders told us that they've been in contact with a lot of people from Greenfield lately because Keith, our recent convert is in the hospital in Worcester, where they're serving. They visit him a lot and they told us that we can visit him too because he's our recent convert! So on Saturday we took that opportunity and we went to Worcester to see Keith! He just had heart surgery, but he's doing really well! So we went in and Keith saw us and he said "Ahh hello little Sisters!!" He talked to us as though we never left. But he's SO different now! He has progressed SO much! He talked to us about how the Worcester Elders have been teaching him about the priesthood. They've been preparing him so that when he's better her can be ordained. He's really excited about it. He told us he can't wait to go back to Greenfield, wear his suit and bless and pass the sacrament! Bless his soul! He also talked about how he knows that the trial with his health is helping him to become stronger. He said that God is really helping him through this. Also, while we were there, the Caputos showed up! It was a Greenfield party in the hospital! Before we left, Keith said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for sending us to him. When we left we were just glowing with happiness. Keith is doing so great and it was incredible to be there with him.

KEITH! This is the best picture we could get. It was an awkward angle.
Yesterday in church was also amazing. All the talks were on gratitude because this week is Thanksgiving!! I'm so excited! This is going to be another great week :)

I love this gospel so much! It brings me so much happiness! I love being a missionary! It is the greatest blessing!

I love you all! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Love always,
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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