Monday, 7 September 2015

Yet More Teaching!

Hey everyone!

This week was fantastic! 

So we saw Stefano again on Tuesday and we taught him the Restoration. The whole time we felt like he wasn't really getting it or taking any of it in, so at the end I asked "From everything you just learned, what stood out to you the most?' and we were expecting him to say something about the doctrine that he liked. He told us that the thing that stood out to him the most was our testimonies. He said "Actually I just think it's really admirable that you KNOW that all these things are true. I've talked to a lot of people about their different religions and nobody has ever been able to tell me that they KNOW that what they teach is true. It's just amazing to hear you talk about it with such conviction." We really learned the importance of bearing simple testimony as we teach. It changes EVERYTHING. He also prayed again!

Then we went to see Laurie and we had a lesson with her in her home. We talked about the blessings of the Temple. She told us that she really wants to get back to the temple, and we thought that a good start would be to bring her to the Hartford Temple site, since she had never seen it. So on Friday afternoon we met her there and she got a little tour. It was so great to be there with her. It's amazing that even though the Temple is still just under construction and it's not dedicated yet, it's still a place where we can feel the spirit so strongly. It was such a great experience. Also, Laurie came to church again! She's doing so well! We're so excited for her!

Our area is so beautiful!
So on Friday we also had Zone meeting. It was awesome! We learned how to help our investigators and members overcome their fears, and we also learned how to get over our own fears! It was amazing! Much needed training for all of us :D

Then on Saturday we had an awesome day. We have dubbed Saturdays as Ben & Jerry's days. It's wonderful. We did A LOT of scheduling for this week so we have a jam packed week planned. Then on Saturday evening, someone from the Canton ward invited us to go to their daughter's wedding. It was incredibly random, but there were other missionaries there so we thought it wouldn't be too weird. When we got there, one of the members from Greenfield was actually there so that was crazy! I love seeing people from my old areas!

Ben & Jerry's Day! I had ice cream in my mouth so I look weird in this photo.
Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. We went to see Hannah after church and we talked to her about prayer. We are now going to be sending her daily reminders to pray! It'll be fun! And we're meeting up with her this week to talk about what's holding her back from baptism! So this will be an interesting week! I'm excited!!

Pray for us!!!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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