Monday, 28 September 2015

Avon Days

Hey everyone!

Okay so this week was absolutely PACKED full of amazing things!!

Wednesday was Transfer meeting, but we didn't get to go because neither of us got transferred. We did get to say goodbye to Elder Dawson on Wednesday morning though. We made him some green jello (because he loves green) and gave him some more green things, and then sent him on his way to Warwick, RI.

Cuatro amigos! Just before we said goodbye to Elder Dawson. 
Our zone, before everyone got transferred.

Gotta love that tie dye!
Then later on Wednesday we had a fantastic experience. We met with a potential investigator, Mary. She has 2 daughters. A 15 year old and an 11 year old. They are so sweet. We sat down and asked her about her religious background. She said that she and her daughters had been looking for a church to go to. We then talked about our purpose as missionaries and taught the beginning of the Restoration lesson. When we asked her daughter, Talia, how she's felt God's love in her life she said "Well when I pray I always feel peace and I know that he's there and he loves me." This girl is amazing. It was a really amazing experience, and now all 3 of them are our new investigators. We're really excited to work with their family and help them to come closer to Jesus Christ. 

On Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator McKelle. We actually brought Laurie with us, and we think that it was an even greater experience for her than it was for McKelle. We had a great lesson with McKelle and her family about the Book of Mormon and how she can find answers to life's questions through reading it and praying about it. We also talked about baptism and helped her to understand more about it. Laurie got to bear her testimony about how her baptism has blessed her life. In the car on the way back, Laurie told us that she had never been out teaching with missionaries before! It was so amazing that we could give her that experience, and we were so grateful for her help. She was awesome in that lesson!

Later on Thursday we went to see a less active family that we had an appointment with. When we walked in, they had a dinner made for us! It was so sweet. We talked with them about General Conference and how they can get the most out of it. They said they're going to watch it so we're excited to hear all about their experience.

THEN after that, we went to see the awesome family on our street who we've been talking to lately. They invited us in and we talked with them about what we do as missionaries. They said that they think it's wonderful what we do. They're so awesome! Then we got to teach them about how the gospel blesses families, and we talked about how families can be together forever. They're such a sweet family, and now we're going to be teaching them! We're so excited! The work is hastening here in Avon!

Me and Sister Egan being ... us.
Then on Friday we had an interesting experience. We had an amazing day, we were just coming home for the night. Sister Egan walked in the door of our house, turned on the light and then SCREAMED! I was like "What is going on?!". She saw a mouse run across our floor! There is now a mouse hiding under our dryer! We tried to get it out so we could chase it outside, but we were unsuccessful. Now every night when we come home, we're terrified. We named him though. His name is Henry. There will be more updates on the whereabouts of Henry in the upcoming weeks.

Sister Egan going mouse hunting!

Saturday was awesome! We went to a State Fair thing. It was called "Avon Days". We had a booth set up, and the Portable Visitors Centre Sisters came to help us out. It was so cool! We had a display with the Book of Mormon in 93 different languages. The question of the day was "When is that Temple going to be finished?". We wish we could answer that question. We have absolutely no idea. But everyone is excited for it! EVERYONE said they're going to come to the Open House! That'll be super exciting!

Our display at Avon Days!

Later that day we watched the General Women's session of General Conference. It was amazing of course. President Uchtdorf never fails to deliver a fantastic talk that applies to all of us! 

I am SO excited for General Conference this weekend! It's going to be incredible!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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