Monday, 14 September 2015

Musical Sacrament Meeting

Hey everyone!

This week was great!

So it started off with our Labor Day picnic on Monday! We got to spend some time with all the members of the ward and eat delicious food together, so that was great!

On Tuesday we had yet another great day! We saw Laurie and we read the talk "Blessings of the Temple" from the last General Conference. She loved it! She came to church again this week! She is making amazing progress!

On Tuesday evening we had dinner with the Holbrooks (The missionary couple who are in charge of the Temple here). They are so sweet. They also had the Canton Elders over for dinner that night, and I don't think I've ever seen two humans eat so much food! Everyone always tells us that we don't eat nearly as much as Elders do, and I never understood what they were talking about...but now I do. It was enlightening!

On Wednesday we got up bright and early to go to Return and Report in Boston. It was my 3rd time at Return and Report, but it's awesome because it's different every time! The first thing we did when we got there was split up. So all the trainers were together and all the greenies were together in a different room. It was great to be together with all the trainers, and be able to share experiences and help each other out. Then after that, we came back together and had some trainings on setting goals and weekly planning. It was wonderful!

Then on Thursday we had a really good experience. We went over to a member's house for a dessert appointment...yes that's right...a dessert appointment, and afterwards we talked to her about her husband who's not a member. We asked her has he ever taken the lessons before, and she said that he has MANY times. He comes to church weekly but just hasn't been baptised! We chatted about it some more and then committed her to invite him to take the lessons again. It could be different this time!

On Friday we had an awesome District Meeting, thanks to Sister Egan! She gave her first training and taught us all about working with members. I felt like a proud mother! She is fantastic!

Yesterday was amazing. Church was a little different. We had a musical Sacrament meeting where the speakers got up and talked about their favourite hymn, and why it's their favourite hymn, and then we all sang the hymns as a congregation! It was so cool! I don't think I've ever sang so much at church! It really helped us to realise the importance of the hymns. They're there in our hymn book for a reason. They bring the spirit with their lyrics and tunes. My favourite hymn (well one of them) is "Joseph Smith's First Prayer". It describes a defining moment in the history of the world that not many people know about. It's up to all of us to share the message of the Restoration with EVERYONE!

Okay so I literally took zero pictures this week, so here's a selfie of me that I took while I was emailing. Enjoy.

I love you all so much! I hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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