Monday, 24 August 2015

Skyping & Salty Brownies

Hey everyone!

This week was so incredible!

So in digital mission news. We Skyped this guy from Brazil. His name is Richard. He is super cool, and I've actually been in contact with him since December, but we never Skyped. This week while we were talking, he informed us that he's moving to Dublin...on Tuesday! He's going there for college! CRAZY! This guy is awesome! He doesn't drink or smoke, he prays daily, and he has a strong belief in Jesus Christ. We're so excited!! Once he gets a permanent residence, we're going to get in contact with the local missionaries so we can both teach him. It's going to be weird contacting the missionaries in my home stake! But it'll be cool!! We're pumped!

So this week we had a lesson at Gloria's house, and she invited her friend over to learn more. His name is John and he's super religious! He's Catholic! We taught him about the Restoration and he loved it! He said he's gong to start reading the Book  of Mormon, but we have to be prepared for all the questions! We're ready! :P

Also, this week we were doing our weekly community service, and we met this woman, Susan. She saw our nametags and she was like "Oh hey! I'm reading the Book of Mormon." We were like "Wow! Really?!" Then she awkwardly changed the subject and asked Sister Egan if she has a younger brother...
Sister Egan was just like "Yes??....." Then Susan proceeded to tell her that something bad is going to happen to him, and then she told her that a young male in her family died... It was the weirdest experience ever. We can safely say that nothing bad happened to her brother, and no young male in her family died.

Another thing that happened this week is that we attempted to make brownies for a less active woman...and we FAILED! The spoon measurement thingy was broken, so we ended up putting in waaaayyy too much salt and vanilla extract. So we made disgusting salty brownies. We asked the Canton Elders to try them out. They tried to be nice, but we knew they were bad. It was pretty funny!

It's been hot, sweaty and gross this week. This is how I feel about this weather.

Yesterday at church this family, The Pescatellos showed up. They aren't members but their daughter is. She went to BYU and was baptised while she was out there in Utah. So the whole family came to church! Then afterwards, their daughter came up to us and asked if she could take some copies of the Book of Mormon so she can give them to her family! She is awesome!

So yeah it's been a great week! And this next week is going to be awesome too! It's a busy one! We have Zone Conference coming up, and exchanges! So it'll be fun!!!

I love you all! Have the best week ever! 

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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