Saturday, 15 August 2015

Ch Ch Changes!

Hey everyone!

So this week was BEYOND crazy! We had meetings for dayyys!! We had Mission Leadership Council on Wednesday, which was really awesome. Little did I know, it would be my last one. We'll get to the reason for that later...

Then Thursday we planned for our Zone Meeting and we had the AP's come down and help us out so we could plan an awesome Zone meeting!It was great to have them there. They always come up with great ideas. I have been anxious ALL week to find out who my new companion is, and since they knew, I asked them who it's going to be. They gave no information. That stressed me out about it even more! :P

Hartford Zone! #HartandSoul
That night we went to have dinner at Hannah's house. Before dinner, we all sat down to say the blessing on the food. We have NEVER heard Hannah or her Mom or anyone in that household pray, so we invited one of them to pray. Hannah refused, her Mom refused. We were VERY persistent. Her Mom told us that the missionaries who taught her never made her pray out loud with them! Clearly we're different! So after much stubbornness, her Mom finally agreed to pray! It was the first time she's ever prayed in front of people! It was so great! Even though it was just a little thing, it was a huge step for her! Now our next step is to get Hannah to pray out loud!

On Friday, we had Zone Meeting, which went super well! One thing that we trained on was the digital mission. We wanted to get everyone pumped about the digital mission, so we brought our whole zone into the Family History centre, and said "Okay you have 15 minutes to get a Skype lesson with someone. GO!" Everyone just went CRAZY! They got 6 Skypes! It was SO awesome!It was fun to see everyone teaching online!

Okay, then later on was the big moment of the week. We were expecting T-texts all day Friday, but by 9pm they still hadn't come and I was SO anxious to find out who my new companion was. around 9:15pm we get a call from President Miller! So here's what's happening...I got released as a Sister Training Leader, and I'm going to be training a new missionary AGAIN! So my new companion isn't even in the mission yet. She's in the MTC right now! :P I did NOT see that one coming! It's funny how we think we have everything figured out, but then Heavenly Father switches things up! It's great though! This area needs attention. The people here need full attention from the missionaries, and we weren't able to do that as Sister Training Leaders. Having a new missionary here is going to light this area up! It's been FOREVER since someone has been trained here, so this is super exciting!

So as well as becoming a mother for the second time, I also realised that I'm the oldest sister in the zone, so I think this scripture sums up this point in my mission very well! (v. 60)

I am PUMPED! What an interesting week this will be! There'll be pictures of me and my new baby next week! WOO!

Elder Dawson left his sunglasses in the library ... this is what happens when you do that.

I love you all so much! I hope you all had an equally amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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