Monday, 17 August 2015

New Missionary

Hey everyone!

So this week was CRAZY and awesome!!

So on Wednesday I said goodbye to Sister Hansen, which was super hard because she has become one of my best friends over the past 3 months, so I'm really going to miss her! BUT my new child's name is Sister Egan, and she's from Spokane, Washington and she is AWESOME! I barely feel like I'm training her! She knows it all!

Sister Hansen's last day in the mission field with the cutest child ever, Isabella!
The transfer meeting on Wednesday was amazing! There were SO many new missionaries there! 28 new missionaries came into the mission! They announced all of their names at the transfer meeting, and at one point I nearly DIED. There is an Elder Mark Berrett in the mission!!! Not quite the same name...but very close! :P

Me with my two daughters!
So, a lot of great things happened this week! Sister Egan got her first Skype in the digital mission! We Skyped a guy in Vietnam and taught him a little bit about what we believe and then got his information so we could get him in contact with the missionaries in Vietnam! It was so awesome! Sister Egan is KILLIN it!! :D

Later on that day, we went to Hartford to help out with a chapel tour for the Elders there. It was so awesome! We got to use our street contacting skills, and Sister Egan just has no fear! It was so cool to see how confident she was her first day in the mission field! 

On Friday we had District meeting with our new district! Our district is AWESOME! We have some solid new missionaries here in the Hartford Zone! I am SO pumped for this transfer!

Later on Friday we had a lesson with Gloria ad her son Eoin. We taught Eoin about the Plan of Salvation, and he had some awesome questions and comments! At the end of the lesson we taught him how to pray, and asked if we he would say a prayer. He was hesitant at first, but then we all knelt down, and he offered a beautiful, simple prayer. It was amazing to see him exercising his faith like that. 

Sunday was SUPER busy!! So, crazy story. we were waiting outside the bishop's office so we could go to Ward Council, and all of a sudden, President Miller walks into the building! He was supposed to be going to the Canton Ward's sacrament meeting, but he showed up too late, so he came to our sacrament meeting, and he gave a talk!!! It was awesome! The members really needed that. It gave everyone a little push to share the gospel more! It was such a blessing to have him there!

Then later on that day, we went to an appointment with our investigators Adam and Ashley. We planned on teaching them the Restoration, but they had so many great questions ALL about the Plan of Salvation, so we ended up teaching that. It went super well, and at the end we taught them how to really receive revelation through reading the Book of Mormon, and how to really receive revelation through prayer. We then asked Adam to say a prayer, and we all knelt down and he prayed. He POURED out his soul! It was incredible! It was the most amazing prayer I've ever heard an investigator say! They also said they're coming to church on Sunday, so we are PUMPED!

It's been a really incredible week. We've had a lot more time to focus on the people and the area, and it has been such a blessing! The work is really moving forward here! We are preparing this area for the Temple! We are so excited!!

I love you all so much! Have the best week ever!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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