Monday, 22 June 2015

End of Another Transfer!

"Hey everyone!!

So this week was AWESOME!!!!!

The awesomeness started on Monday evening when we had a lesson with our investigator Patti! We had 3 members there with us, and it was SO powerful! She got a blessing because she has been in a lot of pain lately, and she's getting her hip replacement soon. The blessing was AMAZING. After the blessing we all just sat, and it was silent for a few minutes because we just wanted her to feel that spirit that we all felt there in that moment. Then she broke the silence by saying: "There's something different. I feel different. I just feel more peace and comfort." It was incredible! 

She also said that she wants to be baptised! We don't know when it's going to happen yet, but we're going to be working with her a lot to teach her all the lessons and get lots of members involved. Then later on in the week we went back to see her, and we did some service for her, and then we sat down and read some of the Book of Mormon with her. And THEN we gave her a Restoration pamphlet, so she can know a little bit more about it before we teach it to her. And then yesterday, we found out that she went to her church that she usually goes to, but she was so excited about everything that she read in the pamphlet, that she went up and read it to her whole congregation! How cool is that?!?!?! This woman is awesome!!!

So then on Tuesday we had our last Webex with President and Sister Packard. We went to the church bright and early to watch it, and when we got there...the power was out. We were there with the Canton Elders (we share a chapel) and we just did NOT know what to do! We were stressing out because we thought we were going to miss the last Webex with the Packards! We ended up just saying a prayer together, so that we could all get calm and figure out what we were going to do. After a few minutes, Sister Hansen came up with the GENIUS idea to call the Holbrooks (Senior Missionaries serving in our ward). We called and asked if they'd be watching the Webex, and they said YES! So we all drove to their house (which is right beside where the Temple is being built) and  joined them! It was such a blessing! The Webex was super emotional. President and Sister Packard are SO amazing!

Speaking of the Packards..we have our Farewell Conference with them this week! That's going to be a super emotional day too! Our whole Zone and the New Haven Zone will be there. I'm actually singing at it with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Stones. Please pray that I don't get nervous!! We've been practicing and it sounds really good, but sometimes my nerves get the better of me! AAHHHHH! I hope it's good!

So this Friday at District meeting, we did something quite unique. So we always have a "Zion building activity" as part of District Meeting, but this week's Zion building activity was...different. We played "Chubby Bunny". For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a game where you each go around in a circle and put a marshmallow in your mouth and say "Chubby Bunny" and you keep going around, adding more marshmallows and saying "Chubby Bunny".

Our zone leaders playing Chubby Bunny!

So the greatest news of all from this week is that T-Texts came last night, and SISTER HANSEN AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER!! WOOOOOO!!! We are so pumped!!!! I'm going to kill her! (For those of you who are not familiar with mission terms, that means that I'm going to be her last companion before she goes home.) This is her last transfer, so I know I'm getting a new companion for sure next transfer. I haven't killed any of my companions, so this will be interesting!

Waiting for t-texts!
Happiness because we love t-texts!
 This is what happens when you do hand stands up against the door frame! Sister Hansen likes doing hand stands, which is fine if it's up against the wall, or something that you know you'll be able to put your feet up on...but on a door frame...
So what happened is..she did it on the door frame once, and it was fine..but when she did it again, I guess she was a little further back, so her feet completely missed the door frame, dangled in the air for a second, and then she flopped down on the floor. She's okay though! We laughed about it. A LOT!

After the event!

Sister Hansen's knee

We are SO excited though! This past transfer has been a BLAST! We have gotten to know each other SUPER well, and we're just so excited for another transfer of hard work! This is her last sprint! #letsgooooooooo

So, that's all for this week! I love you all so much! I hope you all have an amazing week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett"

Just a reminder that Sister Barrett's birthday is coming up on July 26th! She would absolutely love to get some birthday cards and letters as she loves hearing from everyone! You can send letters either to the mission home or contact myself or Maria on Facebook for her flat address!

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