Monday, 8 June 2015


Hey everyone!!

I am SO sorry I didn't get to send an email last week! I'll be sending 2 today, so this is last week's one :)

Last week was INCREDIBLE! Okay so I'll start at the beginning of the week, and we'll save the best for last!

So, we got a media referral from Salt Lake telling us that there was a woman in our area who wanted us to we did! Her name is McKelle, and she's a super sweet lady. She has 4 kids, and her husband is in the navy! She talked to us about how she lived in Virginia, and she was meeting with the Sisters there, and they were really awesome. So we invited her to take the lessons and she's our new investigator now, along with her family! :)

Then later on that day, we went to our dinner appointment...and it was a dinner appointment like no other! It was at a mansion! We drove up the looooong driveway to this MASSIVE house, and when we walked in there was a chandelier and a grand piano! The woman who invited us over is a nanny and she works for these super rich people. I have never met people like them! I've only seen people like them in movies and TV shows! At one point the woman was just like "One morning I was just eating my breakfast and my husband came down and said "honey, would you like to go buy an Aston Martin today? and I said "sure!" Sooooo yeah it was really different, but it was great to meet them! I'm just still getting used to the way people live here! :P

I just have to tell you all how AWESOME the members are in this ward. They just call us up and tell us that their friends want to learn about the gospel. I'm telling you's the Temple! The temple is being built here, and SO many miracles are happening!! It's amazing!

Update on the progress of the Hartford Connecticut Temple!

I love to see the temple ... even if it's not built!

Okay so, the weekend....

So Saturday was just incredible. I can't even put into words how amazing it was! Elder Holland is just the most amazing man! We all got to shake his hand and tell him who we are and where we're from. So, I went up and introduced myself, and when I said I was from Ireland he was like "IRELAND?? Where in Ireland?" So I said Dublin and he was just like "Wow you don't have an accent" hahaha
But as for the actual "questions and answers" session...He started off by talking about Elder L. Tom Perry. He said "Before we have our questions and answers session, there's just one thing I want to address". He said "We are about to lose one of the greatest warriors of our time.", and then he went on to talk all about his love for Elder Perry. And he told us to keep Elder Perry and his family in our prayers. He was very emotional, and it was just really amazing to me how in tune he was to the situation. This was just 2 hours before Elder Perry passed away.

So, we all didn't get a chance to ask our questions. We only had like an hour and a half with him. So he answered about 5 people's questions, but in doing so,  he answered everyone's questions. He is just SO incredible! I think one of the coolest things that happened is, one Sister asked a question saying that her brother has served a faithful mission, but now he's home and he's inactive, how can she help him? And Elder Holland just cried and said that nothing devastates him more than that. He said we must be the people that we want our investigators to be, because we are God's investigators, and he is always working with us, and helping us to come closer to him. And then he asked the Sister where she lives, and said that he's going to visit her brother, and help him. Imagine Jeffrey R. Holland turning up on your doorstep! It just showed me how truly humble and Christlike he is. He is willing to go out of his way to minister to people individually. It was just such an incredible day!

And THEN on Sunday....KEITH GOT BAPTISED!!!! I got to go back to Greenfield to be there. It was SO amazing! Best day EVER! When I walked into the little Greenfield chapel again, it just felt like home. I felt like I had never left, and I just got emotional seeing all the people that I know and love there. Being there again was really special. And seeing Keith get baptised after 7 years of investigating the church was just AMAZING! I can't even put into words how great it was. It was just a really special day for me. Definitely one of the highlights of my mission. It was harder to leave this time, than the first time. I just love Greenfield, and all the amazing people there so much :) There will always be a piece of my heart there!


And as for Avon, well, it's wonderful! Sister Hansen is SO awesome! I love her! We just became instant best friends. It's the wonderful thing about having companions :D

I love you all so much, and hope you have had an incredible week :D

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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