Monday, 13 April 2015

My Greenie!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week!! I certainly did :)

So at the beginning of the week, when Sister Haws was still here, we went to the Caputo's house to have dinner, and they taught us how to make rolled tacos! They are delicious! But next time I make them I'll need some kind of special supervision because I had ONE JOB, and it was to place the rolled taco into the deep fat fryer....well I failed.
I dropped it in, and splashed boiling hot oil on my hand and got some burns. Don't worry, they're not severe burns. They're tiny...but I have picture evidence :P

Ok so the burn looks really lame in this picture, but I promise it was worse than that a week ago ... I'm not just being dramatic :p haha

Then on Wednesday I said farewell to Sister Haws :( We had a great last day together though. We wore matching outfits to Transfer Meeting! Aaaaand I said "Bem-vinda a Missao Massachusetts Boston" to my new child because she's from Sao Paulo, BRAZIL!! (That's "Welcome to the Massachusetts Boston Mission in Portuguese)
Her name is Sister Saito, and she's a really incredible missionary. You'd never know that she just came from the MTC!

Sister Saito and I! My child is the spitting image of me!

Transfer Meeting was amazing! We had the whole Greenfield crew there! Our investigator, Keith, came so that was awesome! President Packard told us before Transfer Meeting that he prepared a really great talk about The Spirit, and he was so excited to speak, but then when he got up to speak, he told everyone that he had prepared to give a certain talk, but as he was sitting there he felt like he needed to talk about something else, and he didn't know why. He said 'I think there's someone in this room who needs to hear this." Then he proceeded to talk about "Why you should be a member of this church", and talked about some specific things that Keith struggles with. He was speaking to him the whole time. It was amazing.

I also got to see some people from Norwich while I was at Transfer Meeting. I was glad to know that they haven't forgotten me there. I still love the people of Norwich, and that Ward more than ever! It will forever be a part of me :)

On Friday we had Zone Meeting, and the mission has been focusing on obedience a lot lately. We are all working to be EXACTLY obedient missionaries. Someone shared a quote with us and it's "Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles." I know this is so true! Zone Meeting was amazing and it made me want to work even harder to be EXACTLY obedient :)

We had a great lesson with Jose on Saturday, and we talked about the Power of the Priesthood, and how Priesthood blessings can really help us in our lives. Because he's working on quitting smoking, we really felt like it would benefit him, and give him extra strength if he got a Priesthood blessing. We committed him to come to church on Sunday. He came, and after Sacrament meeting he received a wonderful blessing, and the Lord told him that he needs to get rid of his cigarettes, and he will be baptised in the Lord's time for him. Jose is amazing, and we are so happy with the progress he has made in the past few months!

Sunday was a day of miracles! We had 2 investigators at church, and a less active family that hasn't been to church since I got here to Greenfield! It was amazing. I love the Greenfield Branch. This little Branch is becoming more unified with each new day, and it's incredible to be here, and to be able to see the amazing progression :)

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you all :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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