Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

This week was wonderful, as always!

First of all, this wonderful video, "Because He Lives", came out this week! If you haven't seen it right now! Easter is coming up this Sunday and it is so important for all of us to remember the Saviour and what He did for each of us! Find out more at

Also you should all check out our mission website! Massachusetts Boston Mission It's AWESOME! There's some crazy pictures up there, and lots of great information!

So anyway...our week!

This week we went to a dinner appointment with the Roberts family. They're a really awesome family in our branch. Sister Roberts is from Bolivia! She makes the most incredible food! Get ready for this...we had lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, and a special peanut sauce! You're probably all thinking..."that sounds disgusting", but it's AMAZING!! I don't know what she puts in that special peanut sauce, but it's incredible and we COULD NOT stop talking about it. Apparently it has some special spice in it that you can only get in South America...

So on Wednesday we had such an amazing day! So..back up just a little bit. Last week at Branch Conference one of the members brought her friend, Amanda, to church. We talked to her a little bit, and gave her a Book of Mormon, and a Restoration pamphlet. Well, on Wednesday morning during studies, we got a call from Amanda telling us that she read the pamphlet, and the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, and that she wanted to meet with us! I asked her how she felt as she was reading them, and she said that her whole experience with reading, and with coming to church was just amazing and she was just overcome with..."something". It was so amazing! So we met with her on Friday, and we taught her about the Restoration in more detail and invited her to come to the General Women's Broadcast on Saturday evening, and we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true. She came to the Women's broadcast, she came to church yesterday, and she started reading the Book of Mormon! Also, we're meeting with her again this week so we shall see what happens!!!

Another thing that happened on Wednesday...we had to run into CVS pharmacy really quick to get something, and when we came out, we witnessed a mini car crash. A little old lady in her car scratched the side of someone else's car. The poor old lady was SO shaken up about it so we decided to help her out. We went back into CVS with her to try to find the person who owned the car. She was so shaken up that all she could say was "I was just coming to pick up a prescription!" We found the woman who owned the car, and the little old lady was just like "I was just coming to pick up a prescription!" The poor woman couldn't say anything else! She kept repeating herself!  We felt so bad for her. She was adorable. Eventually it all worked out for her, and she was really grateful for our help :)

ANOTHER thing that happened on Wednesday is that we had some really great lessons with our investigators. We met with Brendan, and we talked about the Restoration of the Gospel, and how Joseph Smith prayed to know which church is true. Then we talked about prayer, and if you want to know if something is right, you have to ask God. We talked about asking God is this is the true church on the earth today. He was like 'Hmm...I've never asked God is this church is true! Nobody ever asked me to do that. I never even thought of doing that! Every set of missionaries always asked me to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true, but they never asked me to pray to know if the church is true!" So we invited him to do that! People get their answers in different ways. We're excited to see what happens with this :)

We also saw Jose and we talked about CPR...Church, prayer and reading. We talked about how important it is to attend church, pray every day, and study the scriptures every day. We talked about how CPR in "everyday' terms is used to save lives, and CPR in spiritual terms also saves lives! It keeps you spiritually strong!! The lesson obviously affected him because he came to church AGAIN this Sunday! These are such exciting times!!

We also met with a new investigator, Porter. I'll be honest.. the first time we met him I was a bit scared, but turns out he is really great, and really interested in learning more about the gospel :) Lesson learned.. never judge a book by it's cover.

On Saturday we watched the General Women's Broadcast, which was amazing!  If you didn't see it..I'll just tell you something cool about it! One of the Sisters gave an analogy two soda cans. If the can is empty you can easily crush it, but if it's full it is not so easy. In relation to the Gospel we all need to FILL our lives with the Spirit, and the gospel truth. I love it!!

We wore matching clothes to the broadcast!
My highlight of church this week was Doug bearing his testimony! He bore a beautiful testimony about how everything happens in Gods timing, and he was away from the church for 30 years, but has learned that this gospel is the only way of finding true happiness. It was amazing!

Our district looking lovely!

Aaaaand we're a bunch of weirdos
I hope you all had an incredible week, and that the week to come is even better!!

I love you all :)
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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