Monday, 19 January 2015

Welcome to Zion!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been incredible! SO MANY MIRACLES!

First of all, we lost our phone at the beginning of the week and it was MAYHEM! Not having a phone as a missionary is the worst thing ever! We searched high and low! We checked our car, the church, the apartment, a members was nowhere!!! So we ended up emailing the Sister Training Leaders and telling them about it. They said they'd order us a new phone..we totally gave up hope of finding it..but we still prayed hard that we would!
So we had to go to do a service project in a place near the member's home that we checked for our phone, but when we went to the place to do service...there was nobody there. So we both just said "well there must be a reason we're here!" So we went to the member's home again, and we started searching in the snow outside their house!! Then they came out of their house, and were like "What are you doing?? Let us help you!" So they got their shovels and started shoveling through the snow to find our phone. But we thought it would be pointless to do that if it wasn't there, so we have the phone hooked up to our Bluetooth in the car, so if someone calls us, it comes in through the radio...okay that's really hard to explain, but I'm sure you all understand. We got someone to call our phone to see if it was around that area, and it worked! So we knew our phone was somewhere around there in the snow! We found it after like 2 minutes of searching, but it had been in the snow for 2 nights and 2 days, so we thought it wouldn't work...but it did!!! BLESSINGS!

The snowflakes on our car this week!

Something AWESOME that happened in the MBM this week. One of the Elders that went home this week took a little detour before going home. He flew to Scotland to baptise somebody he had been teaching in the digital mission!! He was in Dundee! The MBM and the Scotland/Ireland mission came together this week! Beautiful!

Oh! Also..we went to the store to get something during the week and I heard a VERY familiar accent! Two guys were talking to each other, and one of them was Irish! I was so excited! I said to him "Hey! Are you from Ireland?!" and he was like "Yes I am! How did you know??" So I told him I'm from Ireland, and I'm here as a missionary for my church. His friend that he was with said he was from Liverpool, so I was like "MY MOM WAS BORN IN LIVERPOOL!" It was a very exciting time clearly! Unfortunately they had absolutely no interest in the gospel, but we planted the seed!

We picked up some Cadbury's Creme Eggs at Walmart!

We had a miracle happen this week! So, Joanna, our recent convert is living in a new place now and she's all settled in..after disappearing for 2 weeks. We planned to teach her a new member lesson on Saturday with her kids, and usually having lessons with them is chaos because the kids are always fighting and it's just really loud, and it's hard to have the spirit there. But this time it was totally different! Another one of our recent converts, Brian has been helping her out with her kids all this week and they have transformed! During the lesson they listened, and they asked questions, and they answered questions and it was amazing! Brian told us that he doesn't spend time with them without teaching them something valuable about the gospel. It's amazing to see our recent converts work together and strengthen each other! They're helping each other to progress, and it's amazing :)

This week I hit my six month mark and Sister Haws insisted I take a picture to mark the occasion!
I love you all and I hope you all have a great week! :)
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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