Monday, 26 January 2015

Amazing Week!

Hey everyone!!!

This week has been amazing!!!!

First off.. We invited our investigator Jose to be baptized. We extended a date (March 8th)! It was Sister Haws first time extending a date to someone. The spirit was SO strong, and then we had a member with us who was baptized a few years ago, and she just bore her testimony to him, and told him he would not regret this decision. It just goes to show how much of a difference it makes to have members with us in every lesson. He said he really wants to say yes, but he needs to pray about it first. So Jose is currently praying about a baptism date on March 8th. We are so excited!!! He is so ready. He keeps telling us he loves the way he feels when we visit, and he wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ, but he just needs to take that leap of faith!

That was a good day, but that's not all that happened this week. We got a text to say that someone had requested a bible, so we went to bring it to her at her house, but she wasn't there. But we met this guy, Steven, who was very interested in what we were doing. So we started talking, gave him a Book of Mormon, and then he invited us in right then and there to teach him more. We were like "wait what?" Haha it was so awesome. We're meeting with him again this week! New investigator!!! 

Another awesome thing that happened...there's an awesome woman, Kelly, that comes out with us like 3 times a week. She only just moved in to the branch recently. She lived here years ago, and she just moved back. We were having dinner with her this week. We didn't realise the time, and we had another appointment at 8. It was about 7:55 and we were like "Oh no we have to go!" And Kelly was like "Oh that's fine! Who are you going to see?" So we told her we were going to see a less active member, Brenda. She got all excited, and she was like "I know her! She knew me when I was a teenager! I haven't seen her in years!" So we asked if she wanted to come with us, and she DID. When we got there they were both SO Happy to see each other we didn't even get through all of our lesson, because they were just reminiscing, and catching up with each other. It was great! We were glad we were able to reunite them! 

So on Thursday we had the full time digital missionaries come to our church, and help us be a little more productive as online missionaries. It was awesome. We were able to Skype with two people, and now we are on fire! There are so many people who are ready to hear about the gospel, and the Lord is just waiting for us to step up, and do our part!

So one day when we came home, there was a poster attached to our door, so we opened it up and it's super weird. For a while we didn't know who gave it to us..but then later on this week some old man pulls up in the parking lot outside our apartment and he's like "Did you like the poster?" so we re like "Ohhh it was you!" So he told us that he loves art, and he saw this poster and thought it would be perfect for's a poster of a cat sleeping on a bible beside a fish swimming in a bowl, and the words at the bottom of the poster say "He will quiet you with his love."......WHAT?!?!?! It was actually really funny!

Our lovely poster!

On Sunday, we talked a lot about Holly, one of our recent converts who hasn't been coming to church, and how we could help her, because she won't ever talk to us, or let us in her house. We would continue to call her, and stop by to see her, but were seeing no success. So no one really knew what to do. Later, that evening Holly called us! After like a month of not being able to get in contact with her! She just told us how she really misses the church, and everyone there, and she knows that's where she belongs. We were SO happy!! Persistence really does pay off :) 

It was such an amazing week! So many amazing things are happening here, and the Lord is hastening his work :)


I love you all!
Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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