Monday, 12 January 2015

Lovin' It Here in Greenfield!

"Hey everyone!!

Hope you've all had an awesome week!
This week was SO great here! First of's snowing like CRAZY right now! It's so fun!

The snow on the church grounds

The temperature has been waaaay lower, but it's freezing! It's -13 degrees Celcius!

So on Tuesday, President Packard announced that we'd be having a Zone conference... 2 days later!!! It was unexpected, but it was incredible. We talked about the mission goals for the upcoming year, and HUGE things are happening here. We're working harder than we've ever worked, and making sacrifices in our lives to truly consecrate ourselves.

Well, we got the dreaded T-texts this week...aaaaaaand I'm staying here in Greenfield with Sister Haws. No changes this time! WOO! I'm so excited to have another transfer here with Sister Haws. I seriously love it here, and I love having Sister Haws as my companion. She teaches me so much :)

The Springfield aka "Zion" zone!

We had a funny experience this week...

So we went to have dinner at this awesome couple's home this week. Their names are Dave and Linda, and they're an older couple. They're not members, we do community service with them every Thursday so that's how they know us. They invite us over for dinner every Tuesday, but we haven't been able to come a few times, and the last time we had a dinner appointment with them, we were on exchanges so I wasn't there. But this time I was there, and Linda was particularly excited. She had something all planned out. She must have been waiting for this moment for ages. So we sat down to have dinner, and she got up and said "Hold on a minute, I just want to put on some music." So she puts on some music, and I was like "I know this song". She was blaring "Ireland's Call". It's her favourite song apparently, and she was so delighted that she got to play it for me!

So I hit my 6 month mark this Thursday. It's crazy to think that I only have a year left here. 18 months really is a short space of time. I'm loving every minute of my mission, and I wouldn't have my life any other way. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

Hope you all have an amazing week!
I love you all :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett"

If you want to write to Sister Barrett just contact me or her mom on Facebook for her flat address, or you can always send letters to the mission home. Please remember that Sister Barrett cannot talk to friends or family on Facebook but you can always email her at her ldsmail account! Thank you as always for your love and support.

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