Monday, 17 November 2014

Baptisms & Farewells

"Hey everyone!

This week has been wonderful as always! Lots of great stuff happening here :)

We got to go to a missionary farewell thingy for a girl in our ward who's going to the France, Paris mission. Pretty cool, huh? It was so fun! It's really cool to see things from the other side. I got to experience all of this myself before I came on my mission, but it's cool seeing everything from a missionary's point of view. I want to be a good role model for her as she is preparing for her mission. It wasn't long ago that I was in the exact same position as her, so it's really great to be able to help someone prepare. She comes teaching with us all the time! She'll be a great missionary :)

Sister Barrett, Melina and Sister Morgan at Melina's farewell.

We are still experiencing great miracles within the mission! Peggy is getting baptised this Saturday, and Roxanne's baptism is next Saturday! There were 19 baptisms within the mission just yesterday! That is INSANE!!! So there's been 39 altogether this month. We are getting there with our goal of 70! It WILL happen!

So this week we had a really cool dinner appointment with an AMAZING lady in the ward, Miriam. She's a recent convert and she's SO awesome! All four of us went over to her house to have dinner with her family, and Elder Ching prepared a Hawaiian dinner and dessert for us! It was SO much fun! And Hawaiian food is delicious.

I have a GREAT story from this week! So on Wednesday evening, myself and Sister Morgan were at the church updating some stuff and we knew the Elders would be coming in a few minutes. So Sister Morgan suggested that we scare them when they get there. We had to move our car because if we didn't, they'd know we were we drove onto the grass at the back of the church. We RAN back into the church and watched out for them. So a few minutes later, they pulled up into the parking lot and they came into the dark church, and when they walked in the door, we SCREAMED! And they DIED! Elder Sutherland fell to the ground because he was so this is his reaction. It was REALLY funny, and we got it on video. The whole ward has now seen it.

I love you ALL!!! Have an incredible week and keep the faith! :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett"

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