Monday, 27 October 2014

New Companion, Technology & General Authorities

Hey Everyone!!!!

This week has been both fabulous and sad. Fabulous because I have an awesome new companion, Sister Morgan. She's from Arizona, and we are very similar! :P But sad because I had to say goodbye to Sister Blair :( And I send her my weekly email now so she's going to be super embarrassed by this. But I love Sister Blair and it was hard to say goodbye to my mission momma.

Sister Barrett with Kassy, her friend Courtney, Oreo the cat and her new companion, Sister Morgan

I was super nervous taking over the area but it's actually going really well. We're working hard and Norwich continues to progress. We went to see Peggy this week to plan her baptismal service and she's feeling really good about it. She told her whole family about her baptism so that is good news!

So we found out this week that we'll be getting iPads in either January or February. That's going to be SO different. But everyone is excited. It'll be a big change, but a much needed change!

We have a big meeting this Friday (yes, Halloween) with Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy. The whole mission is prepping for his arrival. It's going to be GOOOOOOD!

Oh! Also! In the book I'm ALWAYS talking about, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, it mentions the Terenure Ward. You have all GOT to read it!! The Dublin, Ireland Stake is famous! More specifically, the Terenure ward, more specifically Gerry Doran!

The pink sky this week!
I love you all!!

Sister Barrett

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