Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Terrific Three

Hey everyone!

It has been a crazy week! 

On Monday, we got a text from President Miller. He told Sister Saito that she would be training a new missionary and that her child would be arriving the next day!! So, naturally, I was like "Where do I go?!?!" Then he said that I'd be staying here too! So we are now in a trio, and Sister Saito and I are training TOGETHER! It feels like just yesterday that I was training her back in Greenfield, and now we're training our new companion together! So our new companion's name is Sister Stancliffe and she's from Washington State! She is awesome! It's so cool being in a trio!


So we had a great week this week! On Wednesday we went to see this family from the Portuguese group. Their daughter, Giovanna, is preparing to get baptized, so we've been teaching her the missionary lessons. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week, and for an 8 year old she had some DEEP questions! She LOVED that we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She told us "I'm really happy that you taught me this but now I want to die so I can see everything else in this plan." We were like "Please don't.' After the lesson her friend Skyped her and she introduced us. Then she was like "OH! YOU NEED TO GET BAPTIZED INTO MY CHURCH!!!" How bold! She's going to be a great missionary!

This week we've had some great lessons with one of our digital investigators, Beatriz from Brazil. She is amazing! She prayed for the first time this week and it was incredible. She was so nervous to pray in front of us but she did it! She also planned on going to church on Sunday and we were so excited! We Skyped her after church and followed up. She told us that she went to church! But it was the wrong church!! She went to some Baptist church! Bless her soul. She told us her whole experience. She went into the church and told some man "it's my first time here. Where do I go?'. Then this man starts shouting at her and he brings her to a room full of old people! So then she asks someone "Do you have a Book of Mormon?", and obviously they said no. But when she was leaving they gave her a magazine...overall she had a terrible experience. We felt SO bad for her! But we're going to make sure she gets to the right church this week! The struggle is real!

On Friday I had my last Zone Meeting! :( It was super emotional. All the departing missionaries in the Zone got to bear their testimony, and I bore my testimony without crying! I saved that for when I sat down. It was a great Zone meeting. Something that I really liked about this Zone meeting was that the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders asked a few people to share why they decided to come on a mission. I love hearing people's reasons for coming on a mission.Then they asked some other people why they're still on a mission. It was really sweet. I really felt like I got to know my Zone better and I feel like Zion was built. 

On Sunday we had a great lesson with our new investigator Alisson. We taught him the Restoration. He was so receptive throughout the whole lesson. I even got to bear my testimony in Portuguese at the end! It was a great experience. I love teaching people about the restored gospel! It brings happiness!!

This week we also found out some sad news. Our mission won't be having Transfer meetings anymore. When missionaries get transferred they'll just make their way to their new area. So I guess my invitations that I sent out didn't need a date on them after all!

Rain is gross ...
Anyway, I love you all and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love always,
Sister Rebekah Barrett

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