Tuesday, 5 January 2016

MBM: Return of the Snow

Hey everyone!

This week was amazing! Gosh, I have so much news!

So, I'm going to start with Thursday, just because it was such a great day! So when we left our apartment on Thursday, we were all ready to go to our first appointment! Then we realized we forgot something, so we went back to the apartment, grabbed what we needed, and when we were coming out of our apartment, we noticed our neighbour was struggling with his bags, so we offered to help him! We brought his bags to his car for him. He was SO grateful! He introduced himself to us as Jason, and then we told him we're missionaries and he was like "Oh wow! Do you have a card?". First of all...who asks that?! NOBODY! Second..YES we have a card! So we gave him our card that has our number on it and the church address, and a picture of the Boston Temple. He took one look at the Temple and says "THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! What is this building?! Wow! It's so beautiful!". So we told him about the Temple and he was like "I want to go there sometime!" Oh my goodness it was such a beautiful moment! He told us about how his brother died when he was young and he turned to alcohol to get him through the sadness, but now he doesn't drink. He hasn't drank in 8 years! Then he told us that his Mom has cancer and she's about to die too, but he feels like he needs to go another direction in his life. He said he wants to "turn to God". He said "It's not by chance that I met you two today! I'm getting chills!'. Then we told him that what he's feeling is the spirit, and he was like "Yes it is!'. Jason is SO PREPARED for the gospel! He wants to come to church so hopefully he'll start coming! That was a MIRACLE!

Later on Thursday, we went to this less active family's house. We had dinner with them, and we talked about their spiritual goals for the new year. They have so many amazing goals. They want to start coming to church every week, they want to have family prayer every day, they want their 8 year old son to get baptszed, they want to go to the Temple for the first time. We're so excited to help them with these goals. They are so sweet!

Also...it snowed this week. Yes. It's back. 

On Friday we went through some records that we had. We decided to just park our car and walk the streets of Marlborough. We went to a bunch of the addresses that we had and we had some great success! There are so many people here who are prepared for the gospel! We went to this one apartment and we knocked on the door. Some guy answered and we asked if Luisa was there. Luisa came to the door and she let us in. There were a bunch of other people in there. All Brazilians of course. We shared a message with them and invited them to learn more. This one guy told us that he has a friend who's a member of the church in North Carolina and he's interested in learning more about the church. We're so excited!

Later that day we went to dinner at this awesome family's house, the Hutchins. They're  an older couple. He's the Stake Patriarch,  he was a mission president in Florida, and Temple President of the Boston Temple. They have 9 children who live ALL over America! One of their sons is the Stake President of the Providence, Rhode Island Stake. He was actually there at dinner with his family. Somehow he remembered me from when I served in Norwich...over a year ago. He has a great memory! It was really great to be with their family though. They're the sweetest people!

On Sunday I took the opportunity to bear my testimony, as it was the last fast Sunday of my mission. It was certainly an emotional one! But it was great to be able to stand up and share my love for the gospel with everyone. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Okay, so fail of the week...I made A TON of really cute invitations for my transfer meeting and I sent them out to EVERYONE in my old areas! I was so happy with how they turned out! So I started giving them out to people here in Marlborough, and after a while Sister Hutchins came up to me and asked me "So when is the Transfer meeting?". I was SO confused. I was like "Isn't it on the invitation?". 
It's not. 
I forgot to put the date of the Transfer meeting on my invitations. So now everyone in Norwich, Greenfield, and Avon have invitations with a location and a time...but no date. How embarrassing! And awkward. IT'S JANUARY 27TH! SPREAD THE WORD!

Apparently I have no teeth ...
Anyways, all is well! It was an amazing week and I'm looking forward to another fabulous week!

I love you all!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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