Monday, 26 October 2015

District Meeting & Hike!

Hey everyone!

This week was AWESOME!

So last Monday we went on a hike with our district. It was so much fun. It was Zion building for sure! Also, New England is so beautiful!

Some of our district on the hike!
Tuesday was SUPER busy! We barely had time to breathe! It was great though. We saw Laurie of course. We read Alma 7 with her and talked about Christ's Atonement. She loved it!

Then on Wednesday we saw Mikele. We realised this week that we've been spelling her name wrong all this time. So her name is spelled: Mikele. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She had a million questions and it was great to be able to just listen to her and listen to the spirit so that we could answer her questions. She's so sweet!

We had an awesome dinner appointment on Wednesday. This awesome family, the Harts, invited us over and they invited their friend, Nuala, over too. She's from Dublin! She had a super strong Irish accent even though she's been in America since the 1960's. I've been here for 15 months and my accent is gone. How does she do it?! She was really sweet and we had the opportunity to give her a Book of Mormon and invite her to read it.

On Thursday we had our Zone Conference. I had to give a talk on the Restoration and I had to recite the first vision. I was told to basically just teach the Restoration to everyone. I was so nervous! But it went really well. I was glad that I had the opportunity to do that. So the main reason why we had this Zone Conference was so we could get our "Tiwi devices" installed in our cars. So we got these things in all of our cars that monitor our speed. We've named ours Edwin. We've had him for a few days now and he's hilarious. So every time you go about 7 or 8 miles over the speed limit, this thing literally says "Check your speed!", and he gives you a little bit of time to slow down. If you don't slow down, you get a violation on your driving record. I'm glad I don't drive! Every time he says "Check your speed" it scares the life out of us! We jump out of our skin EVERY TIME!

Progress update on the Hartford Temple! The spire went up this week!
On Friday we had an awesome District meeting. We built more Zion with our district. Our District is so awesome! After District meeting we went to one of our member's houses and we helped her to carve some pumpkins. She's a sweet old lady so she can't do it herself. It was fun and it was good to be able to help her out :)

Then after that we headed to Goshen CT to help our fellow missionaries out with their ward Halloween party. They had the Portable Visitors Center Sisters there, the Cromwell Elders were there, and we were there! The members there were really happy to see a bunch of missionaries helping out. 

Then that night we had to drive to Bloomfield to pick up our mini missionary! We got a mini missionary for the weekend! Her name was Talbot and she was SO sweet! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures with her because we fail at taking pictures. But she was so great!

On Saturday we had our own Ward Halloween Party! It was fantastic! There were a ton of non members there and they all had a great time. We talked to all of them so it was awesome! This ward is amazing!

We had some visitors at church yesterday! I love the McKendricks! Oh my goodness it was SO good to see them! I knew they were coming to CT but I totally forgot until Sunday morning! They are so sweet! They gave me Twirl bars!! I was SO happy to see them! They are the sweetest! :)

I'm so grateful to be here. Being a missionary is the greatest blessing! It makes me so happy to be able to serve the Lord here for 18 months!

I love you all so much! I hope you all have an amazing week :)

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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