Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Green Cake & Miracles

Hey everyone!

So this week was AWESOME!! 

First of all, on Tuesday, Webex's came back! President Miller has decided to do a weekly Webex with us, so we're all super excited about that! It made my day!

Then Wednesday was my year mark and it was so weird just thinking back. I just can't believe it's been a year! It goes way too fast! It's just weird :P

Okay so the most AMAZING this that happened this week was...

On Friday after District Meeting, we got a call from our investigator, Hannah. She was in the airport on her way to Utah and she was asking Sister Hansen if she'd like her to visit her family. So Sister Hansen was like "YES! Visit my family!!!" And then Hannah said "I was thinking I could tell your Mom in person that you guys committed me to be baptised." We were like "WHAT?!?!?!?!?" It was the shock of the century! But we are SO excited!!! She's thinking of getting baptised just before Sister Hansen goes home, so we'll see what happens! We have dinner with her and her family on my birthday (she's a chef, and she's making a three course meal for my birthday...we're really excited about it), so we're going to talk more about it then, but it was literally the best thing EVER!!! I absolutely love that girl!!

So then on Saturday we got to go to a baptism! It was someone that Sister Hansen taught when she was serving in Canton CT. The Canton ward shares a building with us, so we didn't have to travel far! It was a really nice baptism :) The Canton Elders did a great job! This weekend we also baked a cake for Elder Dawson because it was his birthday. He loves green!

 (l-r) Elders Dawson and Terry, me and Sister Hansen!

So along with the miracle of Hannah, we also had another miracle happen today! We got a referral for a couple who live in our area. They live RIGHT beside the temple, RIGHT beside the people in our ward who are building the temple, and apparently they have a lot of awesome questions about the church! We are SO excited to meet with them! Miracles are happening!

The church is true! God is good! I know that when we work hard and give our all to serving the Lord, He truly blesses us! The work is moving forward!

I love you all, and I hope you all have the best week ever!

Sister Rebekah Barrett

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