Friday, 25 July 2014

Final Days in the MTC

Sister Barrett just has a few days left in the MTC, and she is still having such a fabulous time! She has been really busy so hasn't had much time to email or write letters but loves hearing from everyone! Here is her email for this week. 

"THIS PLACE IS THE BEST! I'm having SUCH an amazing time here! My companions and I have literally become best friends and my district is amazing! We all get along so well! I'm so glad we're all going to the same mission! There'll be 21 of us flying to Boston on Tuesday so that's pretty crazy! 21 missionaries on one plane! Safest plane in the world!

I'm learning SO much here! I've said SO many times that I've learned more here in 2 weeks than I did in 13 years of school. The teachers are amazing! 

We had In-field orientation yesterday so we learned how to work with members and learned how to properly use our daily planner and how to successfully street contact so it was really good! It was a really looong day but it was really effective.

We're teaching a real investigator as a district and he's amazing! His name is John and he's really excited about learning more. He loves the Book of Mormon so far and we've been reading it with him too so that any questions he has can be answered there and then. We've actually already invited him to be baptised on the 22nd of August and he said that he's going to work towards that date and he's going to church this Sunday! It's really great to see his progression!

This photo is of our tri-panionship pointing at our mission!!!

Headed to the Massachusetts Boston mission this Tuesday!

Aaaand this one is of me and the water fountain...I discovered that the water fountain has good WiFi signal :P

I love you all so much and I look forward to being able to email you ALL individually! Next time I email won't be next'll be the Monday after that because it'll be the real deal then!!
Talk to you all soon!"

Sister Barrett will leave the MTC on Tuesday and flies to the Massachusetts Boston mission! Her next p-day will be Monday the 4th of August when we will get to hear all about her very first area and her trainer! If you want to write to her, you can use Dear Elder until the 29th, and you can email her on her ldsmail account.

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